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A car wrap is a captivating and cost-effective signage solution for every kind of business considering the publicity and low-cost advertisement of the enterprise. This has the potential to make your vehicle look like a mobile billboard that is accustomed to advertising your product offering and services in a smartly organized manner. Get wrapped PNW has gained a reputable stature in the field of design and installation of car wrapping for all types of businesses. Certain things are necessary to keep aware of if you are associated with the business by getting vehicle signwriting for your car/vehicle, important to make the wrap endured and long-lasting.


There is no obvious answer to “how long does a vinyl care wrap last” because there are several factors that are compulsory to keep in mind in this respect. Normally, vinyl car wrap has a strong history of being reliable, enduring, and long-lasting but certain things affect the performance of the vinyl car wrap. For instance, exposure to the sun, climate, frequency of washing and parking habit, etc. affected the performance of the vinyl car wrap. If you keep all the standard operating procedures in practice, vehicle wrap lasts for about five years on average.


Everyone deems their vehicle to remain clean so it represents a professional image with utmost effort to avoid improper washings that can result in the reduction of life expectancy of a vehicle wrap. Some precautionary measures are listed below that can help to improve the safety of a wrapped vehicle:

  1. Vehicle’s washing frequency – the vehicle is imperative to wash every 1-2 weeks to avoid persistent stains at the wrap design. In case the vehicle is exposed to dust, dirt, and pollution and is not washed accordingly, it has the potential to adversely affect the shine and look of the vinyl car wrap.
  2. Avoid pressure washing – car wrap is devised to wash gently avoiding any unnecessary pressure else it could damage the graphic designs on the vehicle wrap. Although, some commercial fleets see it as a practical option. following guidelines should be kept in mind in the event f essential pressure washing;
  3. Water pressure should ideally range between 800-2000 pounds per square inch
  4. Temperature of water should remain under 80 degrees Celsius
  5.  The distance of nozzle and vehicle should range between 12 to 14 inches
  6. Avoid water sprays at wrap seams or damaged wraps 
  7. Use of a non-abrasive cleaner – Use of a mild detergent and hand wash with a soft sponge or rag is beneficial. Hard scrubbing can deteriorate the whole complexion and texture of the wrap design. At the end rinse thoroughly to remove the soap residue at the exterior of the vehicle wrap. 
  8. Severity of jets and chemicals – jets and automated brushes can lift the loose edges and have the potential to scratch the surface. Traditional car wash vendors use harsh chemicals that are abrasive and can potentially result in the deterioration of vehicle wrap particularly by fading the color and typical shine of the wrap. 
  9. Removal of stains and other external agents – although, vinyl can resist insects, sap, and dirty deposits, still being proactive in car washing and avoiding unnecessary delays can increase the lifespan of the car wrap. Immerse the affected area with warm soapy water and gently rinse with a soft cloth. Try to use a specialized car bug and tar remover for persistent stains on the car wrap. It is recommended to avoid using solvents or oil-based products since they can damage the vinyl car wrap.
  10. Don’t use wax and polish – normally wax and polish are characterized to protect the vehicles against wear and tear. In the case of vinyl wraps, wax can result adversely by reducing the life of the wrap. A gentle wash with simple soap, warm water, and a soft cloth or sponge is sufficient for the best result.

Vehicle wraps are nowadays an effective means of promoting and advertising your business. In case you are dealing in car wrapping, follow the above tips and guidelines to keep your car wrap look shining and captivating for a long period.

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